Thursday, May 22, 2008


(mandisa and the messiah by shenanigans)
well, blogspot is being a bitch, so the great pictures i've been fruitlessly trying to upload for the past hour are still unavailable to all you faithful readers. but fear not, i'm transferring them to my external hard drive and bringing them over to a different computer with a LAN connection that handles hi bit rates and mega upload speed. be patient!

more projects

snake with apple on cross freestyle, native woman from pattern, crab with corss on back combo freestyle/pattern by cambodia and shenanigans
here are two stand-ups by shenanigans from patterns; our savior and a bulldozer

recent bead sesh

here a shot of shenanigans and cambodia at the workstation in the guest room
another angle, shenanigans in deep concentration looking for that pale pink, and cambodia looking for cool patterns online
the sorting system; cambodia dividing up colors for the dragon

cambodia with a hot iron- action shot!
shenanigans made this beautiful princess peach in a mario kart style; here it is cooling on the ironing board