Tuesday, July 22, 2008


here is the door hanger as promised!

way behind on updates!

first, we'd really just like to thank all of our loyal readers and comment leavers. it's been great to know that you've ben checking back day after day for updates even when we've left you in the dark for so long! we finally have reliable internet, so stay posted for new project pictures and for pictures of our favorite baby (although growing fa-a-ast) rat, Denver.

L: aztec inspired coaster perled by sr. Texas. C: impressionistic variant on ancient celtic cross centerpiece by cambodia. R: camo coasta by cambodia.
texas came over for some forbidden fun. texas, you rascal!

here is the co-lab piece that shenanigans did with formervarsitysoccercaptain. formervarsitysoccercaptain artfully blocked and connected the letters R-A-T while shenanigans skillfully worked a baby rat's head into the middle of a heart! this hangs over new family member Denver's cage in the dining, excuse me ironing, room.

here is the freehand hot air balloon LaQuinta and legolas made cooling on the kitty ironing board. what a co-lab!